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Adobe Acrobat 5 Tutorial

Adobe Acrobat 5 is used primarily for the creation of PDF files for CD and on the Web, although it has a lot of other features. If you want to create a file (or scanned material) for use by others who don't have your application or fonts, then Acrobat is used to create the PDF file (Portable Document Format). Using Acrobat Reader (a free application), anyone can view your document just the way you created it. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Andrew Hathaway begins by explaining the components and interface of Acrobat 5. He then moves to teaching you how to create PDF files, as well as editing, selecting, and many other features of this application.

Getting Started

Components of Acrobat
Working Solutions
Acrobat Directory
Interface Basics


Navigating Basics
Navigating Pages
Navigating with Thumbnails
Bookmarks and View Types
Document Statistics

Making PDF Files

Making PDF Files
PDF From Illustrator
PDF From Photoshop
Create Adobe PDF OnLine
PDF Writer
Open as PDF


Distiller Overview
Starting Distiller
Basic PDF Process
Locating Font Folders
General Job Options
Compression Job Options
Font Job Options
Color Job Options
Customized Job Option
Watched Folders


Acrobat Preferences 1
Acrobat Preferences 2
More Tools
Hand Tool


Bookmark Basics
Structuring Bookmarks
Set Bookmark Destination
Hide and Rename Bookmark
Custom Bookmark Views


Navigating Thumbnails
Reordering Pages
Moving Between Documents
Replace Insert Extract Pages
Numbering Pages
Rotate Pages
Crop Pages


Note Tool
Sound Note
Direct Text Tool
Stamp Tool
File Attachment Tool
Pencil and Shape Tools
Text Commenting Tools
Comments Pane
Summarize Comments
Filter Comments
Export and Import Comments
Find and Spell check
Web Browser Comments
Online Comments

Adding Navigation Features

Web Link
Menu Item
Open File
Add Movie
Link to Movie

Editing and Selecting

Touch Up Tools
Text Select Tool
Text Attributes
Graphic Selection Tool
Extract Images
Save Text as RTF
Send Mail
Acrobat Capture
Compare Two Documents


Forms Overview
Text Field
Copying a Field
Combo Box
List Box
Calculated Fields
More Calculations
Design Features
Radio Buttons
Check Box
Reset Form Button
Other Properties
Submit Button
Tab Order
Interactive Buttons
Rollover Buttons

Web Capture

Open Web Page
Preferences and Links
Web Capture Commands


Security Overview
Security Settings
Create Signature Profile
Adding a Signature
Compare Documents
User Settings
Verify Signature
Invisible Signature
Signature Form Field
Custom Appearance
Secure Document

More Features

Accessibility Checker
Reflow and Reorder Tool
Web links
Build Index
Search Index
PDF Consultant
Soft Proof Colors
Running a Batch Process
Create Batch Sequence
Using Document Properties
PC vs Mac Platforms

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