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Ableton Live 7 Tutorial

This tutorial approaches the instruction of Ableton Live 7 with an emphasis on getting the most out of its unique ways of making music. Detailed information is provided on all major components with an especially deep look into the key new features. Many of the lessons were produced using Live 7’s included demo songs, allowing you to easily explore the techniques personally. Additional work files cover a wide selection of the material and even include a movie for the new Export Video capabilities. From Warp Modes, Launch Modes, Follow Actions and Recording to Sampler, Drum Racks, MIDI Control and Movies...what you need to know is here waiting. To begin learning Ableton Live 7 today, simply click on the movie links.


First Look at Ableton Live 7
New in Live 7

Session View

Intro to Session View pt. 1
Intro to Session View pt. 2
From Session to Arrange
Thinking in Scenes

Intro to the Mixer

Intro to the Mixer pt. 1
Intro to the Mixer pt. 2

Live Browsers

Device Browser
Plug-In Browser
Three File Browsers
Bookmarks & Search
Hot Swap Browser

The Control Bar

Tempo & Meter Section
Transport Section
Global Quantize & Draw Mode
Loop & Punch Modes
Computer Keyboard for MIDI
Key & MIDI Mapping
Control Bar Monitors

Detail View

Track Detail View
Clip Detail View

Arrange View

First Look at Arrangement View
The Arrangement Mixer
Arrangement Navigation
Basic Arrangement Editing
Clip Editing in Arrangement pt. 1
Clip Editing in Arrangement pt. 2

Understanding & Using Warp Markers

Understanding Warp
Warp Modes & Warp Markers

Clip Parameters

Basic Clip Parameters
Launch Modes pt. 1
Launch Modes pt. 2
Follow Actions pt. 1
Follow Actions pt. 2

Audio Clip Sample Parameter Editing

Basic Sample Parameters
Transpose & Clip Gain
Adjusting the Warp Settings
Waveform Playback Positions
Using the Set & Nudge Buttons

Clip Automation Envelopes

Volume & Pan Automation
Draw & Link Modes
Automating Transposition
Sample Offset Automation

MIDI Clips

Basic MIDI Note Editing
Basic Drum Note Editing
Recording MIDI Clips
Clip Note Parameters

Working in Arrange View

Time Edits
Arrangement Automation
Device Automation
Multiple Automation Lanes


Configuring Inputs & Tracks
Multitrack Recording
MIDI Inputs & Tracks
Converting MIDI Tracks to Audio

Ableton Instruments

Impulse Basics
Simpler Basics
Operator Basics
Sampler Basics
Analog Basics
Electric Basics
Tension Basics

MIDI & Audio Effects

Using MIDI & Audio Devices
Audio FX
Using Third-Party Plug-Ins


Intro to Racks
Macro Control
Using Chains for Layers

Lives New Drum Rack

First Look at Drum Racks
Advanced Drum Racks
REX Loop Import
Slicing Other Audio

New in Version 7

Movie Score & Export
Time Signature Changes


Audio Preferences
MIDI & CPU Preferences
View Key Commands
Transport & Other Key Commands

Wrap It Up

Last Minute Tip Roundup
Assistance & Free Files
Final Thoughts
About the Author

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