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Ableton Live 6 Tutorial

Ableton Live is a powerful "sequencing instrument" designed for each stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance. In the creative stage, Live is intuitive and responsive, encouraging the flow of musical ideas. During production, Live provides all of the professional tools required to complete and perfect projects. On stage, Live delivers unique expressive control and stability. This VTC tutorial approaches the instruction of Ableton Live 6 with the emphasis on getting the most out of its unique ways of creating and producing music. Detailed information is provided on all major components with an in-depth look into the main features new to version 6. Many lessons utilize Live 6’s included demo songs, allowing users to easily follow along. From Warp Modes, Launch Modes, Follow Actions and Recording to Sampler, Racks, MIDI Control and More. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Ableton Live 6 lessons.


First Look at Live
Free Help and Free Files

First Look at Session

First Look at Session View pt. 1
First Look at Session View pt. 2

First Look at Mixer

First Look at Mixer pt. 1
First Look at Mixer pt. 2
First Look at Mixer pt. 3
First Look at Mixer pt. 4

First Look at Browsers

First Look at File Browsers pt. 1
First Look at File Browsers pt. 2
Browsers and Clips
Hot Swap Browser

First Look at Detail View

First Look at Track Detail View
First Look at Clip Detail View

First Look at Arrange

First Look at Arrangement View
The Arrangement Mixer
Arrangement Navigation
Basic Arrangement Editing

The Control Bar

The Control Bar pt. 1
The Control Bar pt. 2
The Control Bar pt. 3
The Control Bar pt. 4
The Control Bar pt. 5
The Control Bar pt. 6
The Control Bar pt. 7

Warping - Clip Parameters - Launch Modes

Understanding Warping pt. 1
Understanding Warping pt. 2
Basic Clip Parameters
Launch Modes pt. 1
Launch Modes pt. 2
Follow Actions pt. 1
Follow Actions pt. 2

Sample Editing

Sample Edit pt. 1
Sample Edit pt. 2
Sample Edit pt. 3
Sample Edit pt. 4

Clip Envelopes

Clip Envelopes pt. 1
Clip Envelopes pt. 2
Clip Envelopes pt. 3
Clip Envelopes pt. 4
Sample Offset Envelopes

MIDI Clips

Basics of MIDI
Basic MIDI Note Editing pt. 1
Basic MIDI Note Editing pt. 2
Clip Note Parameters

Working In Arrange View

Arrangement Editing - Time Edits
Arrangement Editing - Clip Modifications
Arrangement Editing - Clip Consolidation
Automating Envelopes pt. 1
Automating Envelopes pt. 2
Automation Envelopes pt. 3
Other Modes of Automation Envelopes


Configuring Interface and Tracks
Multitrack Recording
MIDI Recording
Converting MIDI Tracks to Audio Clips
MultiTrack Warping

Advanced Mixer Routing

Grouping Strategy 1
Grouping Strategy 2
Independent Routing from Impulse
MIDI and Multichannel Instruments
MIDI Clips to Multiple Tracks

Ableton Instruments

Impulse Basics
Simpler and EIC Basics
Operator pt. 1
Operator pt. 2
Operator pt. 3
Operator pt. 4

Lives New Sampler

Sampler pt. 1
Sampler pt. 2
Sampler pt. 3

MIDI Effects

Using MIDI and Audio Devices
MIDI FX pt. 1
MIDI FX pt. 2
MIDI FX pt. 3

Plug Ins and Audio Effects

Plug Ins
New Audio FX in 6
Audio FX pt. 1
Audio FX pt. 2


Exploring Racks pt. 1
Exploring Racks pt. 2
Exploring Racks pt. 3
Understanding Rack Structures
Rack within a Rack

New In Version 6

General Info and Movies
Master Clips
Deep Freeze and Flatten
Export Audio Out of Live


Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3

Control Surfaces and the Template

Control Surfaces pt. 1
Control Surfaces pt. 2
Template and Library Building

Wrap It Up

Final Thoughts
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