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Ableton Live 5 Tutorial

Ableton Live is a powerful "sequencing instrument" designed for each stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance. In the creative stage, Live is intuitive and responsive, encouraging the flow of musical ideas. During production, Live provides all of the professional tools required to complete and perfect projects. On stage, Live delivers unique expressive control and stability. This tutorial will take you through all of these stages with real world examples and detailed explanations of this powerful musical tool. To begin learning Ableton Live 5 today, simply click on one of the movie topics.


Introducing Ableton Live
Session & Arrange Views

Getting Started

Basic Audio Preferences
The Audio Buffer
The File Browser pt. 1
The File Browser pt. 2
The Device Browsers
Track View and Clip View
Clip Slots and Scenes
The Mixer
Signal Flow pt. 1
Signal Flow pt. 2
The Control Bar pt. 1
The Control Bar pt. 2
File and Session Management


Clip Basics
The Clip Box
Launching Clips pt. 1
Launching Clips pt. 2
The Sample Box pt. 1
The Sample Box pt. 2
The Sample Box pt. 3
The Sample Box pt. 4
Warp Modes pt. 1
Warp Modes pt. 2
Intro to Looping
Warping from Scratch pt. 1
Warping from Scratch pt. 2

The Arrange View

Recording an Arrangement
Arrangement Editing pt. 1
Arrangement Editing pt. 2
Arrangement Editing pt. 3
Scrubbing and Locating
Automation Envelopes pt. 1
Automation Envelopes pt. 2
Automation Envelopes pt. 3
Arrangement vs. Session


Recording in Arrange View
Recording in Session View
Understanding Latency
Resampling and Rendering pt. 1
Resampling and Rendering pt. 2


Intro to MIDI
Creating MIDI Clips
Basic MIDI Editing
Editing Notes and Velocities

Advanced Clip Concepts

Advanced Warping pt. 1
Advanced Warping pt. 2
Looping and Nudging
Clip Envelopes pt. 1
Clip Envelopes pt. 2
Legato Mode
Follow Actions
Clip Tips

Remote Control

The Keyboard Map pt. 1
The Keyboard Map pt. 2
The MIDI Map pt. 1
The MIDI Map pt. 2
MIDI Synchronization

Devices and Plug-Ins

Device Basics
Presets and Groups
Plug-Ins pt. 1
Plug-Ins pt. 2
Delay Compensation

Live Instrument Devices

Impulse pt. 1
Impulse pt. 2
Simpler pt. 1
Simpler pt. 2
Simpler pt. 3

Live Audio Devices

Auto Filter pt. 1
Auto Filter pt. 2
Auto Pan
Beat Repeat pt. 1
Beat Repeat pt. 2
Erosion & Redux
The Delays
Reverb pt. 1
Reverb pt. 2
Phaser & Flanger
The Distortions
Grain Delay

Live MIDI Devices

Pitch Related Effects
Arpeggiator pt. 1
Arpeggiator pt. 2

Managing CPU and Disk Resources

Understanding CPU Load
Freeze Track

Advanced Routing

Audio Routing
Multi-Channel Instruments
Routing and Processing Tricks
Live as Rewire Master
Live as Rewire Slave


Final Thoughts
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