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AOL 6 Tutorial

AOL (America Online) 6 is an Internet Service Provider and more. It contains a browser, mail provider, and content provider that allows pictures, chats, a calendar, and more, all in one software package. Follow Matt Neutra, your guide in this Virtual Training Company tutorial, as he takes you through the welcome screen and the navigation of AOL 6 and over sending email with attachments, the address book, and the download manager. He even shows you how to set up your buddy list for instant messaging and how to set parental controls. Discover the many useful features of AOL 6 now by clicking one of the movie links below.


About This Training CD
Brief History of the Internet
Security and Internet Safety
AOL Compared to Other ISPs
Windows and Mac Conventions

Getting Started

System Requirements
Installing the Application
Starting the Application
Setting Up Your Connection Method
A Word About User Names and Passwords
Finding Help For AOL
The AOL Welcome Screen
Navigating in AOL
Customizing AOL
Searching AOL and the Internet
Summary of What You Can Do With AOL

Welcome Screen

Intro to the Welcome Screen
The Icons
The Links
My Places
File Menu
Edit Menu
Print Menu
Window Menu
Sign Off Menu
Help Menu
The Toolbar
The Navigation Bar

Navigating in AOL 6

Using the Mouse and Keyboard to Get Around
Hyperlinks Buttons and Screen Icons
Using Windows and Scroll Bars
Using Individual Windows
How to Use Dropdown Menus and List boxes
How to Use Text Boxes
Using Keywords and URLs in the Address Box

Finding Help for AOL

Offline Help Overview
AOL Software Help
Tech Support Via Telephone
Books on AOL
Online Help (when connected to AOL) Overview
AOL Help
Welcome to AOL Intro
Live Help
AOL Community Help
Classes on AOL

Parental Controls and Safety

Creating Screen Names for Children
Setting Parental Controls
e-mail Control
Using the Online Timer
Control for Chat Rooms IM and Web Browsing
Control for Downloads Newsgroups and Services
Notifying AOL of Security Issues


About e-mail in AOL
Reading e-mail
Reading Old Mail
Writing e-mails
Uploading Attachments to Outgoing Mail
Sent Mail
Junk Mail
Sorting Mail
Downloading With Attachments
AOL Addresses vs. Internet Addresses
Using the Address Book
The Mail Menu
CC and Bcc e-mails
Answering e-mails
Forwarding e-mails
Mail Status
Unsending Mail
Using Filing Cabinets to Organize Mail
Spell Checking Mail
Pictures and Graphics in Mail
Accessing your e-mail From the Web

Instant Messaging (IM)

Overview of IM
Sending and Receiving IMs
Turning on/off IM
Away Messages
Setting Up and Using Buddy Lists
Getting Info About Users
Locate Users

Using Chat Rooms and Online Forums in AOL

What is a Chat Room or Conference?
Finding Chat Rooms
Creating a Chat Room
Keeping a Log of a Chat Session
What are Message Boards?
Finding Communities
Reading Messages
Searching Messages
Posting Messages
Replying to Messages
What are News Groups?
Finding Newsgroups
Subscribing to Newsgroups
Reading Newsgroup Messages
Searching Messages
Posting Messages
Downloading Messages

Downloading Files

Overview of File Downloading
How to Download
What are File Libraries
Using the Download Center
Searching for Files
Being Aware of Viruses and Other Hazards
Using the Download Manager
Automatic AOL

My Calendar

Setting up Your Calendar
The Calendar View and Interface
Adding Events and Meetings
Using the Event Directory
Using the Idea List

AOL Preferences

Automatic AOL
Internet Options
Connection and Setup Options

Favorite Places

Finding and Adding Places
Editing Favorite Places
My Places

AOL Channels

What are Channels
Opening a Channel
Closing a Channel
Searching Channels
understanding Channel Interfaces
A word About Online Shopping

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