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ACT! by Sage 2010 Tutorial

Act! 2010 is a professional database driven contact and customer management application from Sage. Its use facilitates management of data and activities that are connected with developing and maintaining business relationships. Using Act! 2010 allows you to integrate existing 'Micorsoft Outlook' contact and calendar databases so that you can control all your business from one program. It is both a textual and visual tool in particular with its use of dashboards that offer a graphical view of all necessary data, when managing jobs, contacts and history. Act! 2010 also links with Swiftpage to create excellent e-marketing campaigns. Join Veteran businessman, Mark Struthers as he shows you how to get the most out of ACT! To begin learning, simply click on one of the movie links.



Getting Started

First Look
Buttons & Icons
Current View
Adapting the Look pt. 1
Adapting the Look pt. 2

Making ACT! Work (Part 1)

Contact Record Overview pt. 1
Contact Record Overview pt. 2
Adding a Contact
List View
Restricting Contact Access
Finding & Deleting Contacts
Duplicate & Secondary Contacts
Alarm Bells
Quick Look Ups
Look Up Variations
Browsing Records
Edit Mode & Tag Mode
Adjusting Fields

Making ACT! Work (Part 2)

Groups Overview pt. 1
Groups Overview pt. 2
Groups Detail pt. 1
Groups Detail pt. 2
Companies Overview
Companies & Queries pt. 1
Companies & Queries pt. 2
Query Operator Options pt. 1
Query Operator Options pt. 2
Query Operator Options pt. 3
Look Up By Example pt. 1
Look Up By Example pt. 2

In Use

Calendar Overview
Exploring the Calendar
Mini Calendar
Relationships Introduction
More Relationships
Task List Overview pt. 1
Task List Overview pt. 2
Creating a Task
Making Notes pt. 1
Making Notes pt. 2
History Overview
Clearing Activities
Setup Assistant pt. 1
Setup Assistant pt. 2
Outlook Appointments
Importing Outlook Calendar
Importing Outlook Contacts
New Activity Types
Rescheduling Missed Activities
Rescheduling Activities
Activity Series pt. 1
Activity Series pt. 2
Activity Series pt. 3

ACT! In Writing

Written ACT! Overview
Writing to a Contact
Written History
Printing pt. 1
Printing pt. 2
Mail Merge pt. 1
Mail Merge pt. 2
Multi Mail Merge pt. 1
Multi Mail Merge pt. 2
Email Error pt. 1
Email Error pt. 2
Email Set Up pt. 1
Email Set Up pt. 2
Simple Email Options
Further Email Options
ACT! Word Processor
Labels & Envelopes
Sending a vCard
ACT! Email Browser


What is a Database?
Database Creation pt. 1
Database Creation pt. 2
ACT! Scheduler
Reports Overview
Further Reports pt. 1
Further Reports pt. 2
Opportunities Detail View
Opportunities List View
Dashboards Overview
Dashboards Detail
Web Information Tab

Email Marketing

eMarketing Introduction
Setting Up Swiftpage
Using a Template
Swiftpage Reporting
Marketing Results Tab


Wrap Up


About the Author

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