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ACT! by Sage 2006 Tutorial

Author, Bill Ferguson, has used and taught others to use, contact management software for more than 10 years. This tutorial provides detailed information needed to make the most out of ACT! by Sage 2006. Ferguson demonstrates how contact management software can efficiently and effectively increase user productivity. Learn to track contacts, follow leads, create reports, write letters and faxes, and even automate quotes using ACT!. To begin learning ACT! for Sage 2006 today, simply click on one of the movie links.


What Is Contact Management Software?
Overview of ACT! Training

The Basics

Starting Your ACT! Software
ACT! Terminology pt. 1
ACT! Terminology pt. 2
Contact Record Basics
Browsing Records

Working With Your Contacts

Locating Contacts with Lookup
Lookup Variations
Customizing a Contact List
Using Tag Mode vs. Edit Mode

Scheduling Your Day with ACT!

Managing Activities pt. 1
Managing Activities pt. 2
Using Alarms
Using the Calendar
Working with Notes and History pt. 1
Working with Notes and History pt. 2
Organizing with the Task List
Managing from the Task List
Modifying Scheduled Activities
Scheduling Recurring Activities
Creating and Using an Activity Series pt. 1
Creating and Using an Activity Series pt. 2
Clearing Activities

Querying ACT!

Lookups by Example
Using and Modifying Queries
Grouping Queries

Groups and Companies

Displaying Group & Company Lookups
Understanding Group & Company Management
Creating and Populating a Group or Company
Working with Groups and Companies

Getting It In Writing

Creating with the ACT! Word Processor
Using Templates for Letters/Faxes/Memos
Integrating MS Word with ACT! 2006
Creating Mail Merges
Printing Envelopes and Labels

Using E-mail and Internet

Configuring ACT! E-mail
Integrating ACT! With Microsoft Outlook
Using Internet Services

Tracking Opportunities

Creating Opportunities pt. 1
Creating Opportunities pt. 2
Managing Opportunities
Creating Opportunity Reports

Database Design

Creating a New Database
Customizing Fields
Managing Field Behavior
Designing Layouts
Customizing Menus and Toolbars pt. 1
Customizing Menus and Toolbars pt. 2

Designing Reports

Report Basics
Phone List and Contact Directory
Report Filters
Basic Report Templates

Database Administration

Database Administration Overview
Defining Users
Creating a Backup
Setting Up Multi-User Databases
Cleaning Up Your Data
Deleting a Database
Restoring a Database


Synchronization Overview
Determining the Connection Method
Defining the Users and Contacts
Setting Up the Synchronization Environment

Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools Overview
Feature Tours
Online Manuals
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3
Auto Update


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