Search Engine Optimization - SEO Tips

Everyone wants to improve their ranking in organic search results on search engines. First you need to select relevant keywords and keyword phrases that you want to optimize your site for.  It doesn't matter if you have a number one ranking on the top search engines if it is for keywords that people rarely search for.   A good way to find out what people are entering in search engines is to use a keyword research tool for search engine optimization. Wordtracker is one of the best tools for search engine optimization. There you can get this information and stay current as the top searcher terms change with time.

Now that you know the keywords and keyword phrases that you want to optimize you site for it is time to work on your META tags, TITLE tag, H1, H2, H3, image ALT tags, and of course the most important part, the page content.  You want to try to incorporate the selected keywords and keyword phrases into all parts of your pages.
Example META tags:
Once your site has been optimized it is time to submit your site to search engines.  It can be very time consuming to submit your site to all of the search engines you would like to be listed on so why not use a tool that can automatically submit your site to all of the top search engines and many of the others. Submit Wolf is a highly recommended tool.  You can pay to get Express Inclusion in search engines such as,, and many other sites.

If you still don't have the position you would like in the search engines then you can look to paid placement solutions.  They will place you on top of all of the search results for whatever keywords or keyword phrases you choose.  This will definitely send you the targeted traffic you are looking for. Overture delivers results you can't ignore. Using Overture search listings you can reach 80% of active Internet users in the United States. goClick is another service where you can bid on the keywords related to your site.  They have a keyword tool on their site to aid you in your keyword selection.  You to enter keywords and it tells you how many times it has been entered on the search engines and the current top bid.