Online Advertising Tips

I'm sure that you see banner advertisements on most of the websites you visit.  A publisher or operator of of a site get paid for those ads and so can you.  In this article you will learn about the different types of banner advertising that you can add to your site.  Some of these advertising companies pay per impression, per click, per lead, or per sale.

Companies that pay per impression will often pay per 1000 impressions of their banner advertisement on your site.  this is often referred to as CPM.

pay per click advertising

As an advertiser if you are don't have the position you would like in the search engines then you can look to paid placement solutions.  They will place you on top of all of the search results for whatever keywords or keyword phrases you choose.  This will definitely send you the targeted traffic you are looking for. Google AdWords works well by including your adds on their search results pages and on Google's search partner sites. goClick is another service where you can bid on the keywords related to your site.  They have a keyword tool on their site to aid you in your keyword selection.  you to enter keywords and it tells you how many times it has been entered on the search engines and the current top bid.

increase the traffic to your site offers two ways to promote your site.  people are all the time actively looking for information about your products and services online.  with speedyads you will get targeted visitors that are looking for exactly what you are offering.  with the cost-per-click pricing (CPC), you only pay when people click on your ad.

get some revenue by advertising on your site

you can also make money with your website by advertising other websites on yours.  for example the Google AdSense program pays you for each click on the text, link, or image advertisement on your site.  you can see an example of the AdSense text ads to the right of this page.   you can select to not show ads from your competitor with in the Google AdSense administrative site by selecting to filter their domain names.  two examples of the image advertisements can be seen below.  there are different size ads for each of the formats as you can see with image ads below.